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This is my personal website – the Official Marcus East website and has been my little corner of the Internet since 1995 when I launched the first version – long before most people had even heard of the Internet.

I was born in North London, and lived in London for most of my life before relocating to Silicon Valley in California to pursue my passion for technology and social change.

Driving Digital Transformation


“Digital” is a term that is used many people to mean many different things; in reality, there is no consistent definition of what it really means, or what the impact of a digital transformation will be on an organization or society.

In my forthcoming book, ‘Working with Dinosaurs‘ I explore how organizations can better drive digital transformation and position themselves for the future by embracing the power of the cloud.

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My mom is the best ever, because she taught me how to be a good person, and also acted a role model for me in her career; watching her lead large teams as a senior nurse (Sister) was a true inspiration for me! #momsrule


Share with us what makes your Mom the BEST EVER + tag #MomsDayUpgrade

You never know, we might sprinkle some #MagentaMagic 😉

What amazing Q1 results for @TMobile!

This is a testament to the hard work and devotion of everyone across the whole company from senior leadership to our frontline experts!

#wewontstop #areyouwithus #tmobile #TeamMagenta

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