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I’m Technical Director in Google’s Office of the CTO & Certified Professional Cloud Architect based in Google Cloud HQ in Silicon Valley.

As well as being the home of my blog, my photos, videos and other potentially interesting pieces of information about me and my life, this site is also a tool that I use to reconnect with lost friends, contacts, and new acquaintances and I hope that you find it both stimulating and entertaining!

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Marcus East


Marcus East is an international technology and product executive and CDO/CIO/CTO with nearly 30 years experience of working in the Information Technology, specializing in, Digital Product, Digital Transformations and Electronic Commerce.

He has two degrees: a Bachelor’s with Honors in Management & Information Technology (Modular) from London Guildhall and a Master’s in Management from the University of Cambridge.

He is also a full member of the Chartered Management Institute, a Fellow of the British Computer Society Chartered Institute for IT, and holds the Institute of Director’s Certificate in Company Direction.

Marcus started his career with IBM where he spent six years honing his consulting and strategy skills, before joining Omnicom’s agency.com where he spent two years learning about the importance of user experience, and further developed his management skills.



Since then, he has held senior digital leadership positions for a number of major brands, including Comic Relief, Apple, National Geographic, and now Google.

He is passionate about the potential for digital technology to transform society for the better, and is particularly interested in ‘social tech’, where people and organizations are using innovative technology to tackle difficult social problems.

He is part of Google’s Office of the CTO, which is a team that sits at the intersection of Google technology and its largest customers’ challenges.

Marcus acts as a ‘virtual CTO’ for them to help deepen their understanding of technology, while bringing customer insight back into Google to aid product development with a particular emphasis on Google Cloud.


Marcus now lives in Silicon Valley with his wife, cat and puppy and in his spare time loves to travel (having visited over 100 countries) and is a huge fan of soccer.

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