The staggering scale of the loss of human life in WWII

The staggering scale of the loss of human life in WWII

The staggering scale of the loss of human life in WWII

This brilliant infographic video highlights just how many millions of lives were lost in World War II; it is truly staggering:

Watching this video serves to remind us just how devastating war can be; let’s hope that it was a war to end all wars and that we never see a loss of life on this scale ever again.

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Is Humanity really any more civilized today than 1000 years ago?

Is Humanity civilized?

When I hear religious group A say that all of religious group B are bad, and then religious group B in return say that all of religious group A is evil, it is a reminder that despite smelling better, living longer better and having more shiny things, humanity really hasn’t come that far since the Dark Ages. Today, millions of people are displaced on every continent – struggles in Syria, Ukraine, Thailand and all over Africa only help to underline the extent of human suffering caused by other humans. Something must be done to take humanity to a new level of understanding where one group identifying another as their enemy and rationalizing their oppression as somehow justified based on moral or economic measures is not acceptable. Here’s hoping for peace and goodwill for all of humanity.

Seeing NYC’s recovery from 9/11 has moved me!

After my meeting this morning in Wall Street, I spent a couple of hours in the World Trade Center area, visiting the 9/11 Memorial Center where there are some incredibly powerful recordings, photos and artifacts from that fateful day in 2001.

I think that what happened then in NYC, and the determined response from New Yorkers serves a potent symbol of the failure of terrorism and extremist ideologies.

Despite the tragic loss of life, and the scars left on this truly great city, New York was not defeated that day; the attack seems only to have made the people of New York stronger…

I can feel the defiance in air, sense it in the swagger of the people and see it in the proud, strident architecture of the new buildings that are rising gracefully in the place of the Twin Towers.

Long live New York!

Arsenal – FA Cup 2014 Winners!

Today I was reminded why I’m an Arsenal fan…

I was reminded why I have sat in the wind, rain and snow losing my voice through screaming at players who cannot hear me – and rejoicing in their genius when not despairing of their failings.

I was reminded why I’m proud to wear the crest, even when we crumble under the brilliance of our competitors and the brutality of poor refereeing.

I was reminded what it means to face down adversity and to look deep into ones soul to find the resolve the carry on, only to prevail at the last minute when belief is tested beyond hope.

I was reminded that North London is red, has always been red and will always be red.

Arsenal FC – FA Cup Winners, 2014 – we are the champions, my friend.


Praising controversy?

Apparently, I’ve caused a ‘political storm’ by publicly praising Enfield Council officers for doing great work…

I’m sorry, but credit where credit is due; they have maintained a high standard of services whilst their budget was reduced by nearly 30% – in fact, resident satisfaction has gone up and no frontline services have been cut despite the budget reduction.

If praising that kind of performance is wrong because I’m a Tory and we’re meant to only bash the Public Sector, then I’m happy to be wrong all day long.

The fact that we have public servants who are prepared to do twice the work for half the money that they could get in the private sector is one of the things that makes this country great; we should be proud of that whichever side of the political divide we are from.